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Naeren, Omar & Mario Chins

Chin Avatars

Several of our talented CHINs (Naeren, Omar & Mario) are currently working to produce a cool set of Avatars for the CHIN community. Some of these will be put on OpenSea for sale (very affordable) and some artists will donate a huge portion of the sales to the community.

All projects will have different styles and thus bring a variety of creative collections. The CHINs will then decide together which style to choose for the avatars or switch between styles every now and then (the other project will continue being supported).

Join our CHIN discord below to learn more and stay up to date.

MoonLady & Mario Chins

dApps & Games

Talented DeveloperChins like MoonLady and Mario have decided to take it upon themselves and dive into the blockchain world as well as the gaming world and are currently brainstorming/working on cool projects (decentralised apps and/or games) for the chin community. This will create another MM use case and give people a fun activity.

More info will be shared as these projects go further into development.

Stay up to date by joining our CHIN-Discord below.

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Robin AbramoCHIN

Claire de Moon Painting

Our amazingly talented urban Artist Robin has decided to put his years of experience into supporting the million token community. The outcome was a masterpiece painting of TechLead in a space suit, indicating our trip with him on the MM rocket to the moon.

This beautiful painting is tied to a single NFT as a signature of authenticity to the owner. You can buy this NFT on OpenSea and get the real masterpiece painting sent to you.

Spalding CHIN

MM Coin - 3D

Our 3D expert and talented artist Spalding has been working very hard on his own masterpiece as well, a collection of 100 coins with a beautiful lion head engraved inside and a futuristic circuit board representing the tech savy crypto world we live in. 

The top 100 people in the MM shill list who spread the word about Million Token will get the privilege to buy the coins/NFTs first. 50% of the sales will then be donation by the artist into the MM community wallet.

Click below to buy the coins from the artists own website.