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The CHIN movement’s positivity, fun and memes will help Million Token moon by removing the drama and focusing on world domination!


Beautiful original NFT collection
based on our awesome CHIN members.
Programmatically generated to represent all styles & emotions

Days left
"Hello, i am an use-case"

CHIN Projects

NFTs on OpenSea

Many of our talented and creative ArtChins like Spalding, Omar, MMilliDog, Naeren and Mario are currently working their own stye of NFTs to be sold on OpenSea, used as Avatars & more.

Some artists will donate a huge portion of the sales to the further development of MM-Related-Projects, thus helping raise MM price to a new ATH.  


CHIN Will Moon MM!

After all the drama in the MM community, several groups of good hearted members started ignoring it all, memeing with each other and having fun. This immediately lit up the mood and people started laughing again. FINALLY, said everyone, a CHIN was born.

From that day on, a revolution started taking place,
a revolution filled with love, positivity, laughter and void of drama. Once that happened, BOOM, MM price started going up & the entire MM community started laughing again.

CHINs then took it upon themselves to continue the revolution to help MM reach a new ATH.

Coming soon..

Coming soon..

Developers CHIN together

A large number of talented CHIN-Developers with many years of experience (MoonLady,  MoSs, Bob, Naeren and Mario) are currently working on and brainstorming for cool projects that will help build more use cases on top of MM.  These projects will be in the dApp space, web development, gaming world and many more areas. 

Join our discord and stay tuned for when we announce the releases of these cool projects.

Grow MM with ART

The entire CHIN-Munity supports Art projects made by members of other communities to show solidarity & help everyone grow together. We share their social media and OpenSea accounts, we raise awareness about their beautiful art and we buy from their shops.

This is championed by several CHINs like R3wired, Omar,  Reillin & many more CHINs.

who we are

CHIN Composition










How do I join the CHIN movement?

Joining is simple. We have a discord where CHINs use their skills and time to create and brainstorm cool projects that will support the MM community as a whole, with occasional shenanigans in the MM lounge.

We coordinate our avatars and Discord nicknames so that we are recognizable to each other and the MM community.

Come join our discord and make yourself at home. When you become CHIN, you will know it.

How does CHIN help Million Token?

CHIN helps MM by providing a positive, funny and drama-free atmosphere in discord to keep people's spirits up.

With this mentality, the CHIN movement has attracted a lot of talented people. Those people in turn are working on amazing projects that will help MM and its price shoot to the moon.

Is CHIN a cult?

Yes indeed, CHIN is a cult!
We brainwash people into supporting Million Token through positivity, fun, creativity and hard work.
So be afraid of our CHIN cult because we will dominate the world, ignore the drama and make everybody have fun and enjoy the MM ride to the moon.

How do CHINs have fun?

We meme, do rap battles, make jokes (dark humor is welcome), exchange recipes, share stories on VC, troll fudders, and much more.

What kind of people are CHINs?

All kinds!
We have artists, developers, comedians, cooks, musicians and many more talents. All CHINs are respected and given the same opportunities to shine. CHINs accept everyone and judge each other based on merit and value brought to the community, not based on anything else.

Got projects?
Click here to see all the cool projects CHIN members are working on or have finished creating.
Are CHINs a separate community?

No, CHINs are a subculture of the MM community. We transcend the limits of time, space and discord servers.